Monsieur Taxi

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Monsieur Taxi
Directed by André Hunebelle
Produced by P.A.C, Pathé Cinéma (France)
Written by Jean Halain
Starring Michel Simon
Louis de Funès
Music by Louiguy
Distributed by Pathé Consortium, C.F.R
Release dates
3 September 1952 (France)
Running time
78 minutes
Country France
Language French

Monsieur Taxi English: Mister Taxi, is a French comedy film from 1952, directed André Hunebelle, written by Jean Halain, starring by Michel Simon and Louis de Funès. It is about Pierre Verger, who is nicknamed Monsieur Taxi and always in company of a smart young dog called "Gangster".[1]


Monsieur Taxi comes across a bag a passenger seems to have forgotten on the backseat. The bag contains a considerable amount of money and he is desperate to return it. While trying to find the owner of the bag he is eventually taken for a criminal and arrested by police. But in the end everything is straightened out and he lives to see his both children get married.



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