Monster Movie (band)

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Monster Movie
Origin Asheville, North Carolina and London, England
Genres Dream pop, alternative rock, electronica, indie rock
Years active 1989 (1989) ()
Labels Clairecords, Graveface
Associated acts Slowdive

Monster Movie is a British dream pop band originally formed by Christian Savill and Sean Hewson in 1989.

The band reformed in 1999, with Rachel Goldstar. In 2009, Ryan Graveface and Sophie Pittaway made recording contributions. In 2011, seeking to do more live performances, Gregg Cox and Sam Williams joined on bass and drums, respectively.

Savill previously played as guitarist in shoegazing band Slowdive, until he left shortly before they changed musical direction and became Mojave 3. Both Savill and Hewson had played together in the pre-Slowdive band Eternal. They released one single on Sarah Records in 1990.

In September 2009, Monster Movie announced the completion of their album Everyone Is A Ghost. The album was released by Graveface Records in March 2010.

The band has a substantial number of plays at (418,810 plays as of March 2012), with radio airplay on Seattle's KEXP with a review by one of their DJ's. The band also has a presence on and



  • Last Night Something Happened (2002, Clairecords)
  • To the Moon (2003, Clairecords)
  • Transistor (Mini-Album) (2004, Graveface Records)
  • All Lost (2006, Graveface Records/ArtOfFact Records)
  • Everyone Is a Ghost (2010, Graveface Records)


  • Crash Landing EP
  • Monster Movie EP (2001, Clairecords)
  • Preface EP (2002, Graveface Records) split with Dreamend


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