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This article is about the monster truck. For the 2011 film, see Monster Mutt (film).
Monster Mutt
Owner and Driver Information
Owner Feld Motorsports
Driver(s) Whit Tarlton, Ryan Anderson, Paul Cohen, Bobby Z, Bryan Winston, Lee O'Donnell, Mike Wine, Candice Jolly, Todd Frolik, Charlie Pauken(only at the world finals) Joe Miller, Dustin Brown
Home city West Chicago, Illinois
Truck Information
Year created 2003
Body style 1951 Mercury Street Rod
Engine 540 CI Merlin

Monster Mutt is a monster truck from West Chicago, Illinois, competing in the United States Hot Rod Association (USHRA) Monster Jam series since 2003. Styled after a 1951 Mercury, the truck has a canine motif, complete with big ears, tail and tongue. It is painted in two tones of brown, with a dog mouth drawn in the front. It is currently driven by Dustin Brown. Over the years the team has expanded with the additiom of the Dalmatian and Rottweiler versions of the truck. It has competed in the World Finals every year since its debut, with Todd Frolik, Bobby Z, Charlie Pauken, all in the brown Mutt, and Chad Tingler in Mutt Dalmatian, and both trucks will once again compete with Pauken and Candice Jolly driving Monster Mutt and Monster Mutt Dalmatian, respectively. In 2010, Monster Mutt driven by Charlie Pauken went on to win the 2010 Advance Auto Parts NGK Spark Plugs Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada. This was Monster Mutt's first ever World Finals Championship.

In 2014, the entire fleet of floppy eared fidoes will receive facelifts due to the update of the classic Mercury body style, now featuring three-dimensional teeth and real studded collars.

Dalmatian Mutt[edit]

In the 2007 season, one of the trucks was painted white with dark spots, in a dalmatian theme, and is now joined by a second Dalmatian as of 2013. The Dalmatians are driven by Candice Jolly and Taryn Laskey.

Rottweiler Mutt[edit]

In 2011,the Rottweiler version of Monster Mutt joined the Original and Dalmatian Mutt. It was piloted for a few years by Charles Benns (the Pitbull monster truck's original driver) and is now driven by former Team Grave Digger superstar Rod Schmidt. In late 2013, the Rottweiler got an aggressive new body design for the 2014 season.


Both Monster Mutt and the Dalmatian are owned by Feld Entertainment.


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