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Mont-aux-Sources escarpments
Highest point
Coordinates 28°45′32.69″S 28°53′04.72″E / 28.7590806°S 28.8846444°E / -28.7590806; 28.8846444Coordinates: 28°45′32.69″S 28°53′04.72″E / 28.7590806°S 28.8846444°E / -28.7590806; 28.8846444
Length 55 km (34 mi) SE/NW
Width 25 km (16 mi) NE/SW
Mont-Aux-Sources is located in South Africa
Countries South Africa and Lesotho
Provinces KwaZulu-Natal and Free State
Parent range Drakensberg
Type of rock Basalt, sandstone

Mont-aux-Sources is a mountain range in Southern Africa, forming one of the highest portions of the Drakensberg Range. It is mostly within Lesotho, with parts in the KwaZulu-Natal and Free State provinces of South Africa.

The peak is accessible from the Sentinel Car Park near Witsieshoek, via chain ladders.


The Mont-Aux-Sources is basalt plateau which lies at an average elevation of about 10,000 feet (3,050 m). Among the many escarpments that surround the plateau there is a sheer wall of 1,000 vertical ft., known as the Sentinel, can be found here.[1] The highest point itself is a peak 7 km from the Drakensberg escarpment and attains an altitude of 3,282 metres (10,768 ft).


Since important rivers have their sources in the range, the mountainous area was named mont aux Sources (‘mountain with fountains’) by French missionaries who visited the region in 1836.

Several rivers originate in the Mont-Aux-Sources, foremost of which is the Tugela, which flows eastwards into the Indian Ocean on the KwaZulu-Natal coast. 7 km from the source, the Tugela plunges 947 m in a series of falls in the Royal Natal National Park. This is the second highest series of falls in the world.[2]

The Caledon River, one of the main tributaries of the Orange River, has its sources in this massif and flows along the border with Lesotho. Also the Seati (Khubedu), one of the headwater streams of the Orange River, has its origin near Mont-aux-Sources further to the north.[3]

Another important river is the Elands, named the Namahadi in its uppermost section in the area of the Fika-Patso Dam. The Elands flows roughly northwards into the Wilge River, one of the major tributaries of the Vaal River.[4] The Vaal River flows westwards eventually into the Orange River, which in turn flows into the Atlantic Ocean on the West coast of Southern Africa.

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