Mont Wright (Quebec)

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For another Mont Wright within Québec, situated near Québec City, and the site of a primeval forest park (Parc de la forêt ancienne du mont Wright), see Mont Wright (Stoneham et Tewkesbury), Québec.

Mont Wright is a mountain in Fermont, Quebec, a site of major iron ore mining operations since the 1970s by Québec Cartier Mining Company. It is located in Caniapiscau Regional County Municipality.

Mont Wright itself does not exist anymore; it's now a 200 m (656 ft) deep pit. Today's production of Québec Cartier ore comes from nearby Mont Survie and Paul's Peek mountain.

Coordinates: 52°44′27″N 67°20′50″W / 52.74083°N 67.34722°W / 52.74083; -67.34722