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Monta Vista High School
Monta Vista High School Logo.jpg
21840 McClellan Road
Cupertino, California, 95014
Coordinates 37°18′52″N 122°03′24″W / 37.3145°N 122.0567°W / 37.3145; -122.0567Coordinates: 37°18′52″N 122°03′24″W / 37.3145°N 122.0567°W / 37.3145; -122.0567
Type Public 4-year High School
Established 1969
School district Fremont Union High School District
Principal April Scott
Staff 143 (2013-2014)
Grades 9–12
Enrollment 2,343 (2013-2014)
Color(s) Purple and Gold         
Mascot Matador
Information (408) 366-7600
Front of the high school, May 2006.
Monta Vista academic court, December 1971.
Monta Vista academic court, August 2006
Monta Vista academic court and renovated library, June 2006.
Helene Madson Theatre with mural.

Monta Vista High School is a four-year comprehensive public high school located in the Silicon Valley city of Cupertino, California, USA. Part of the Fremont Union High School District, the school serves most of the suburban residential and industrial technology enriched area of western Cupertino. Monta Vista opened in 1969, offering only freshman and sophomore classes; the first class graduated in 1972. Since then, its student body size has averaged about 2400 students. Monta Vista is regarded as one of the top high schools in California located in one of the most affluent cities in the country with recorded average income of more than $100,000 per household.


As of the 2012-2013 school year, Monta Vista has a student body of 2,419 students, and this student body, unlike many schools in the United States, is predominantly Asian. As of 2013, 79% of the school's student population is Asian, 17% is White and 4% is Other (African American,Latino,Native American). Monta Vista has the largest student body in the Fremont Union High School district. Starting in the 1990s, the school has seen a significant increase in the number of Asian students. A controversial 2005 Wall Street Journal article described the influx of Asians at Monta Vista and explained that the school was experiencing a "white flight" caused by White American families feeling overwhelmed by the academic focus of the school's majority Asian American students.[1]


In 2012 and 2013, Monta Vista scored 956 points out of 1000 for the Academic Performance Index, a state-wide performance indicator the California government uses to measure the growth of schools on a variety of academic measures; this score is the highest API score of all high schools in the Santa Clara County, followed by Lynbrook High (946) and Saratoga High (933).[2] After analyzing 21,069 public high schools in America, US News & World Report issued America's Best High Schools in 2009 which ranked Monta Vista #73.[3] In 2007, Newsweek's 1,200 top U.S. schools ranked Monta Vista #85, the 7th Californian high school. The highest ranked school in the Fremont Union High School District, The Washington Post magazine ranked Monta Vista as the 57th best high school in the United States, the fourth highest academically performing high school in all of California,[4] and the highest academically ranked school in the Fremont Union High School District in 2005. Though these rankings exclude private schools, many have selective admission policies, whereas public schools like Monta Vista and Lynbrook are open to all students that live within the assigned school boundaries, and each year proof of residency is required and verified for enrollment. For this reason, these rankings do not necessarily provide accurate results for all high schools.[5]

The school offers eight honors classes and fifteen Advanced Placement classes.[6] During students' junior and senior years, they can choose to participate in one of the alternative programs offered through De Anza College. The Middle College Program is available to juniors and seniors, while College Now is offered exclusively to members of the senior class. These programs allow students to explore interests with classes that aren't always offered at high school and build up college credits while completing the requirements for a diploma.[7]

Student activities[edit]

Monta Vista High School's mascot is the Matador, with purple and gold as its official school colors. The school mascot's costume, up until the 2012-2013 school year, had been a purple bull. Recently, on August 31, 2012, a new Mascot, a Matador, was introduced in the Welcome Back Rally. Monta Vista High School has held a longtime rivalry with nearby Lynbrook High School and competes in the SCVAL of the Central Coast Section.


The majority of the school's buildings are built in the Spanish Mission architectural style. The school has been undergoing a multi-million dollar facilities modernization, with a new library, completed in late 2005, showcased in the center of campus. Small renovations, such as the fitting of metal doors in place of old wooden ones, were completed over the summer of 2006. The athletic facilities, such as the gym, swimming pool, football field, and locker rooms have now completed renovation. A new school office has also been constructed.

Monta Vista is divided into nine major structures:

  • The A Building holds most of the foreign languages. Languages Monta Vista provides currently include Spanish, French, Mandarin and Japanese.
  • The B Building contains the Science and English classrooms. The science classes are typically divided into two sections, Life Sciences and Physical Sciences. Life Sciences includes subjects such as Biology, Physiology and Anatomy. Physical Sciences include subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Environmental Sciences. English courses offered are of a wide variety as well; Literature, World Studies and British Literature are offered.
  • The C Building holds a majority of the Social Science classrooms. The Social Sciences Department provides a plethora of selections for the students at Monta Vista. These include US History, World Studies and Mythology/Folklore.
  • The D Building was constructed after the A,B and C buildings, and houses mathematics and additional science classrooms; the Monta Vista Linux Lab where computer programming classes are held is also in this building. The mathematics classes offered at Monta Vista include typical maths acquired in high school, such as Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, Statistics and Calculus. It also houses the Student Advocate Office, which aims to help students during times of stress or other forms of duress. The D building also houses a field house for PE and athletic use.
  • F Buildings are located on the opposite side of the campus, and consist of arts, performing arts, and industrial technology classes. The art classes include Art and Photography. Performing Arts are Drama and the Band program. The industrial technology classes include Electronics and Woodwork classes.
  • The library, expanded and remodeled in 2005, provides a surfeit of reading material, both fiction and nonfiction. It also includes tables designed for studying and two computer laboratories.
  • The gym complex includes a gym used for sporting events and school-wide rallies. Also included in the gym complex is a student centre and student store to purchase Monta Vista merchandise.
  • The new 2-story cafeteria and student union is currently under construction and will be completed by the summer of 2014.
  • The expanded office features an open layout with more space for the ASB Student Office, other office rooms for staff, conference rooms, and guidance counselling for high school, college and beyond.

The school's campus consists of a large baseball field, an American football field, and tennis courts. In 2007, the school completed construction of the new lighted pool, which is host to several water polo and swimming competitions per year. In June 2011, Monta Vista named its swimming pool facility the Ron Freeman Aquatics Center in honor of Ron Freeman, a long time Monta Vista teacher and coach who died suddenly of a heart attack on the school's campus on Friday, 21 January, 2011. The Fremont Union High School District was given bond money from a county measure to undergo renovations and improvements, including the installation of solar panels above the student parking lot and planting of AstroTurf on the football field. In June 2012, the school completed construction of the new football field with lights, and beginning in the Fall of 2012 home football games were held on the Monta Vista campus. Monta Vista is currently undergoing construction of a new, 2-story cafeteria building. This building will include a college-campus style cafeteria, student center, student lounge, teacher lounge, classrooms, and computer labs. The cafeteria plans to be operational by the 2014-2015 school year.

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