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Montague is a manufacturer that designs and produces full-size folding bicycles for civilian and potential military customers.


Montague Corporation was formed in 1987 by David Montague, while in graduate school at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, along with his father Harry Montague. The first bicycle designed by Montague was dubbed the "Montague BiFrame" for its patented Concentrus system, which unites the two parts of the frame with concentric seat tubes, one nested inside the other. This system allows a bike with a full-size wheel and frame to fold in half while maintaining the structural integrity of the design and without cutting any structural tubes. Montague had worked closely with Schwinn and the bike was marketed through Schwinn dealers. [1] Montague bikes were designed using industry standard parts, including full-size wheels, a departure from other folding bike makers use of more proprietary parts and small wheels in order to make the frames more compact. - 1991, Schwinn Montague M1000 folding frame bike. [2] -1996, In partnership with BMW, Montague bikes are featured in Olympic ceremonies. - 1997, Development of Paratrooper bike in conjunction with DARPA, a new style folding frame, later dubbed the X-Frame. -1999, Commercial sales of X-Frame to civilian population under the Montague name. -2002, Development and marketing of an upscale X-Frame bike in tandem with General Motor's Hummer product line, along with promotional distribution of Hummer Bicycles at GM dealerships. -2007, Swissbike product line is released. -2010, Complete new product line including a pavement series of foldable bikes. Several upgrades are introduced on the flagship Paratrooper bikes, including the addition of rear disk brakes and upgraded components. -2011, introduction of the Boston and Boston 8 models which are road bikes with a "simplified" appearance, the Boston 8 is the first folding bicycle to incorporate the Shimano Nexus 8 speed internal gear sealed transmission. Introduction of the Octagon handlebar height adjustment system in late 2011. -2012, Paratrooper PRO is introduced, a version of the Paratrooper with additional upgrades. -2013, Montague begins marketing frames as standalone products, allowing other manufacturers and custom bike builders to use Montague frames for their own models. Montague bikes are distributed and sold in 25 countries. [3] In 2013, Montague bikes are sold in 25 countries.

Inventor Harry Montague died February 2, 2011.[4]

Products and Models[edit]

Bicycles and bicycle accessories under the MONTAGUE, SWISSBIKE, PARATROOPER, and OCTAGON brand names.

Models for the U.S. market include: Pavement Series: 2014 Crosstown, 2014 Boston, 2014 Boston 8, 2014 Navigator, 2014 FIT

Mountain SwissBike Series: 2014 X50, ,2014 X70, ,2014 X90, ,2014 Paratrooper, ,2014 Paratrooper Pro

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