Montague Regional High School

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Montague Regional High School
Montague Regional High School Crest.jpg
"Maximus In Minimus"
274 Valleyfield Road
Montague, Prince Edward Island, C0A 1R0, Canada
Coordinates 46°09′30″N 62°38′50″W / 46.15833°N 62.64722°W / 46.15833; -62.64722Coordinates: 46°09′30″N 62°38′50″W / 46.15833°N 62.64722°W / 46.15833; -62.64722
School board English Language School Board
Superintendent Jane McMillan
Principal Seana Evans-Renaud
Vice principal Sharon Anderson
Maureen MacDonald
Administrator Kelly Matheson
Dawn Martell
School type Public High school
Grades 10-12
Language English and French
Area 108,000 square-feet
Mascot Viking
Team name Montague Vikings
Colours Red and Black         
Founded 2010
Enrollment 700 (2012)

Montague Regional High School (MRHS), is a Canadian secondary school in Montague, Prince Edward Island for students from the southern part of Kings County and the south eastern part of Queens County, including the towns of Montague and Georgetown.

The school is administratively part of the English Language School Board.[1] Its official colours are red and black and the mascot is a Viking. The sports teams from MRHS are called the Montague Vikings.

History and characteristics

  • In 1961, The original Montague Regional High School on Fraser Street was opened.
  • In 2007, the Eastern School District voted unanimously to recommend a replacement for the old montague regional high school on Fraser Street.
  • In 2010, students and staff moved into a $22 million new Montague Regional High School, located on the Valleyfield Road. The new Montague High has over 700 students, a teaching staff of over forty, and twenty support staff. The new 108,000-square-foot (10,000 m2) facility was officially opened on September 15 by Premier Robert Ghiz. During the grand opening events at the new High School, Premier Ghiz and Mr. Currie marked the day by assisting Principal Seana Evans-Renaud with a ribbon cutting and tree planting ceremony.
  • In 2011, Fair Isle Ford generously donating $20 for every test drive taken on April 20 to a maximum of $6000. The money raised was used to purchase equipment for MRHS. In addition, 10% of all money raised will be donated to Breast Cancer Research.

This school is considered to be one of the most advanced schools in Atlantic Canada. It is a model for trades in the province, and has state of the art career and technical education training facilities.[2]


The school was designed with energy efficiency in mind and includes some of the following modern features:

  • Four modern science labs with safe prep and chemical storage areas, two computer labs, food and clothing lab.
  • A large library and resource centre will have an adjoining seminar and meeting rooms.
  • The cafetorium features a large stage, prop area, and sound and lighting room.
  • Spacious band and music room, a music library and listening room, five practice rooms and sound studio.
  • Trades training includes a large, well-equipped spaces for carpentry, welding, motor vehicle repair and applied technology.
  • Classrooms and labs have SmartBoards and accompanying technology to improve lesson presentation.
  • Small breakout rooms with computer facilities are located between classrooms for small group work.
  • Two classrooms are joined by a folding wall to create a large meeting space.
  • A 7,400-square-foot (690 m2) gymnasium and auxiliary gym, along with several playing fields.
  • Student safety has been optimized with a new entrance off the Valleyfield Road which will have appropriate turning lanes and ample parking.[3]

School Sports

Sports at Montague Today

Montague is home to meny sports that give students the chance play and have fun of there three years of high school. At montague there is A 7,400-square-foot (690 m2) gymnasium and auxiliary gym, One Field Hockey Field, Two Soccer/Rugby Fields and Two Softball Fields. Though the school has meny sports fields to play on, all outdoor playing fields are not own by the school and all of them together are consider to be a town park called Viking Park.

Sports at Montague Regional High Include:

The athletic logo for Montague High's Football Team.

Sports Tournaments

The Vikings Classic

A Women's basketball tournament hosted in early December by Montague Regional High School which draws schools competing from across the three Prince Edward Island Counties which are: Kings County, Queens County, and Prince County.

The annual teams are the Montague Vikings, the Souris Spartans, the Morell Marlins, and the Kinkora Blazers.


A Men's basketball tournament hosted in early February by Montague Regional High School which draws schools competing from across the three Prince Edward Island County which are: Kings County, Queens County, and Prince County. A total of six men's basketball teams from schools across the province take part in the annual basketball tournament which is sponsored by Subway.

The annual teams are the Montague Vikings, the Morell Marlins, the Kensington Torchmen, the Kinkora Blazers the Three Oaks Axemen and the Colonel Gray Colonels.[4]

Clubs at Montague

Montague Regional High is home to a variety of clubs, including:

  • Breakfast Club
  • Blood For Life Club
  • Debate Club
  • French Conversation Club
  • Yearbook Committee
  • Games Club
  • Grad Activity Committee
  • OREO
  • Photography Club
  • Prom Committee
  • Readers' Circle
  • Robotics
  • Rotary Youth Parliament
  • SADD


Notable alumni

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