Monte Barone

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Monte Barone
Denti di gavala monte barone da pizzo tracciora.jpg
View from Valsesia (foreground: Denti di Gavala)
Elevation 2,044 m (6,706 ft)[1]
Prominence 622 m (2,041 ft)[1][2]
Monte Barone is located in Alps
Monte Barone
Monte Barone
Location in the Alps
Location Province of Biella, Italy
Range Alpi Biellesi
Coordinates 45°44′15″N 08°09′12″E / 45.73750°N 8.15333°E / 45.73750; 8.15333Coordinates: 45°44′15″N 08°09′12″E / 45.73750°N 8.15333°E / 45.73750; 8.15333
Easiest route from Piane di Coggiola

Monte Barone is a mountain of the Alpi Biellesi, a sub-range of Pennine Alps. Due to its isolation offers a noteworthy point of view towars Po plain and can be seen from quite a long distance (i.e. from Turin).


The name comes from Piedmontese language baron, which means heap or pile. The same etymology occurs for several other mountains like Colma di Mombarone or Monte Baron (Graian Alps).


The mountain is located in the drainage basin of Sesia between Strona di Postua's and Sessera's valleys, close to the border between Province of Vercelli and province of Biella. Administratively it is divided between the comunes of Coggiola and Caprile, both belonging to the province of Biella.

SOIUSA classification[edit]

According to the SOIUSA (International Standardized Mountain Subdivision of the Alps) the mountain can be classified in the following way:[3]

  • main part = Western Alps
  • major sector = North Western Alps
  • section = Pennine Alps
  • subsection = Southern Valsesia Alps
  • supergroup = Alpi Biellesi
  • group = Catena Monte Bo-Barone
  • subgroup = Costiera Talamone-Barone
  • code = I/B-9.IV-A.2.a

Access to the summit[edit]

Monte Barone's south face

The easiest route for the summit is a long footpath starting from Piane di Coggiola (950  m, BI) and reaching the mountain by its southern slopes.[4] A mountain hut with 22 bulk-beds located at 1,610  m, Rifugio Monte Barone, can be useful for hikers and climbers.[5]



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