Monte San Giorgio

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Monte San Giorgio
Lake Lugano.jpg
Monte San Giorgio, shown on the left in the background of Lake Lugano
Elevation 1,097 m (3,599 ft)
Prominence 758 m (2,487 ft)[1]
Monte San Giorgio is located in Switzerland
Monte San Giorgio
Monte San Giorgio
Location in Switzerland
Location Ticino, Switzerland
Range Lepontine Alps
Coordinates 45°54′49″N 8°56′59″E / 45.91361°N 8.94972°E / 45.91361; 8.94972Coordinates: 45°54′49″N 8°56′59″E / 45.91361°N 8.94972°E / 45.91361; 8.94972
Topo map Swisstopo 1373 Mendrisio
Easiest route Trail
Official name: Monte San Giorgio
Type: Natural
Criteria: viii
Designated: 2003 (27th session)
Reference No. 1090
State Party: Switzerland-Italy
Region: Europe and North America
Extensions: 2010

Monte San Giorgio is a wooded mountain (1,097 m above sea level) located between the south of canton Ticino in Switzerland and the region of Lombardy in Italy. Monte San Giorgio became a UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2003, because it "is the single best known record of marine life in the Triassic period, and records important remains of life on land as well."[2] The Italian side of the mountain was added as an extension to the World Heritage Site in 2010.

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