Montenegrin parliamentary election, 2012

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Early parliamentary elections were held in Montenegro on 14 October 2012.[1] The result was a victory for the ruling Coalition for a European Montenegro led by Milo Đukanović, which won 39 of the 81 seats.

Parties and coalitions[edit]

Several coalitions were formed or continued for the election:[2]

Coalition Constituent parties
Coalition for a European Montenegro Democratic Party of Socialists, the Liberal Party and the Social Democratic Party
Democratic Front Movement for Changes and New Serb Democracy
Serbian National Alliance Party of Serb Radicals, the Democratic Serb Party and the Serbian National Council
Serbian Unity Serbian People's Party, the Serb List, the Serbian Homeland Party, the Serbian Radical Party and the Democratic Centre of Boka
Together Party of Pensioners, Disabled and Social Justice and the Yugoslav Communist Party of Montenegro
For Unity New Democratic Power – FORCA, Albanian Coalition "Perspective" and the Citizens Initiative
Albanian Coalition Democratic League in Montenegro, the Democratic Party and the Albanian Alternative.

A newly formed party, Positive Montenegro led by Darko Pajović, ran independently.[3]


Party Votes % Seats +/–
Coalition European Montenegro 165,380 45.6 39 –6
Democratic Front 82,773 22.82 20 +7
Socialist People's Party of Montenegro 40,131 11.06 9 –7
Positive Montenegro 29,881 8.24 7 +7
Bosniak Party 15,124 4.17 3 +1
Serbian Unity 5,275 1.45
For Unity 5,244 1.45 1 –1
Albanian Coalition 3,824 1.05 1
Serbian National Alliance 3,085 0.85
Democratic Union of Albanians 2,848 0.79 0 –1
Croatian Civic Initiative 1,470 0.4 1
Together 1,384 0.38
Albanian Youth Alliance 531 0.15
Invalid/blank votes 5,764 1.59
Total 362,714 100 81
Registered voters/turnout 514,055 70.56
Source: State Electoral Commission of Montenegro