Monterey Bay Derby Dames

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Monterey Bay Derby Dames
Metro area Monterey, CA
Country United States
Founded 2010
Teams Beasts of Eden (A team)
Babes of Wrath
Cannery Rollers
Track type(s) Flat
Venue Various
Affiliations WFTDA

Monterey Bay Derby Dames (MBDD) is a roller derby league based in Monterey, California. Founded in 2010, the league consists of three teams, and a travel team which competes against teams from other leagues.

The league was founded in April 2010[1] by three skaters associated with the Santa Cruz Derby Girls but living in Monterey, who wanted to play for a more local league.[2] It played its first bout in February 2011, attracting more than 500 fans.[1] League members have included Kimbley Craig, a councilwoman in Salinas, who broke her leg while playing in an intraleague bout.[3]

In July 2011, Monterey Bay was accepted as an apprentice member of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association.[4]


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