Montevallo (crater)

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Montevallo Crater
Montevallo Crater.jpg
Montevallo Crater, as seen by THEMIS. Image shows a landslide on the north rim.
Planet Mars
Coordinates 15°24′N 54°24′W / 15.4°N 54.4°W / 15.4; -54.4Coordinates: 15°24′N 54°24′W / 15.4°N 54.4°W / 15.4; -54.4
Diameter 51.9 km
Eponym Montevallo, Alabama, USA

Montevallo Crater is a crater in the Lunae Palus quadrangle of Mars, located at 15.4° N and 54.4° W. It is 51.9 km in diameter and was named after the town Montevallo, Alabama, USA.[1]