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Current Schools[edit]

Elementary schools[edit]

  • Apalachee Elementary School, Principal Iris Wilson
  • Astoria Park Elementary School, Principal Marsha Sands-Glover
  • Bond Elementary School, Principal Brandy McIntosh
  • Brevard Elementary School
  • Buck Lake Elementary School, Principal Eydie Tricquet
  • Canopy Oaks Elementary School, Principal Brooke Brunner
  • Chaires Elementary School, Principal Michelle Prescott
  • J. Michael Conley Elementary School, Principal Laura Brooks
  • DeSoto Trail Elementary School, Principal Michelle Keltner
  • Fort Braden K-8 School, Principal, Jim Jackson
  • Gilchrist Elementary School, Principal, David Solz
  • Hartsfield Elementary School, Princiapl, BJ Van Camp
  • Hawks Rise Elementary School, Principal, Evelyn Friend
  • Kate Sullivan Elementary School, Pam Stephens Principal
  • Killearn Lakes Elementary School, Brenda Wagner
  • Oak Ridge Elementary School, Taka Mays, Princ.
  • Pineview Elementary School, Marilyn Rhaming, Principal
  • Riley Elementary School, Principal Kawyaun Paul
  • Roberts Elementary School, Principal Kim McFarland
  • Ruediger Elementary School, Princiapl Sally Stephens
  • Sabal Palm Elementary School, Princ. Ray King
  • Sealey Elementary School, Princiapl Demetria Clemons
  • Springwood Elementary School, Prinipal Dr. Christopher Smal
  • W T Moore Elementary School, Princiapl Sue Kraul
  • Wesson Elementary School
  • Woodville Elementary School, Principal Nancy Stokley

Middle schools[edit]

High schools[edit]

Special and Alternative Schools[edit]

Charter Schools[edit]

Swift Creek Middle School[edit]

Swift Creek Middle School is located in eastern Tallahassee, Florida. It is the only middle school in the district to have earned an A rating since 1999 when the Florida Department of Education started giving letter grades.

The school is currently under the leadership of principal Sue Rishell. It is home to the Wolves, and school colors are Teal, Black and White.


Swift Creek opened its doors in August 1995, with approximately 700 students. By 2008, the figure had reached 832. Following the construction of a new middle school the figure dropped to 668, but rose again to approximately 750 students.


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