Montgomery-Ward bridge

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Montgomery-Ward bridge in C About this sound Play .
Montgomery-Ward bridge with ii-V's in C About this sound Play .

In jazz music, the Montgomery-Ward bridge is a standard chord progression often used as the bridge, or 'B section,' of a jazz standard. The progression consists, in its most basic form, of the chords I7 - IV7 - ii7 - V7. Often, some or all of the dominants are substituted with ii-V progressions or otherwise altered. This is used in such standards as "The Sunny Side of the Street", "When You're Smiling", "Satin Doll",[1] and "Honeysuckle Rose".[2]

Eight bars:

Vm7  | I7   | IV   | IV   | VIm7 | II7  | IIm7 | V7[2]

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