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This article is about the British periodical (1749–1845). For the American socialist magazine, see Monthly Review.

The Monthly Review (1749–1845) was an English periodical founded by Ralph Griffiths, a Nonconformist bookseller. The first periodical in England to offer reviews,[1] it featured the novelist and poet Oliver Goldsmith as an early contributor. William Kenrick, the "superlative scoundrel", was editor from 1759 to 1766.[2]

Publishing history of the Monthly Review: Printed for R. Griffiths {etc.}

  • Volumes 1–81, May 1749–Dec. 1789;
  • {2d ser.} v. 1–108, Jan. 1790–Nov. 1825;
  • new {3d} ser., v. 1–15, Jan. 1826–Dec. 1830;
  • new {4th} ser., v. 1–45, Jan. 1831–Dec. 1844. (The 4-month volumes in this series are numbered I, II, and III on the title page, restarting at I each January, but some libraries and indexes number the volumes continuously from 1831.)

Many libraries have incorrectly catalogued the periodical as the London Monthly Review.[3]

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