Montone (river)

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Course of the Montone in Italy.

The Montone is a river in Romagna, northern Italy. It is the northernmost river on the east-facing slopes of the Apennines to flow directly into the Adriatic Sea rather than entering the Po.

The river passes through the localities of San Benedetto in Alpe, Portico di Romagna, Bocconi, Rocca San Casciano, Dovadola, Castrocaro, Terra del Sole, Forlì, and, after receiving the waters of the Rabbi River, flows towards Ravenna with the name of Fiumi Uniti ("Joined Rivers").

The Battle of Ravenna was fought near the confluence with the Ronco in 1512. Also famous is the Acquacheta stream, mentioned by Dante Alighieri in his Divine Comedy.

Coordinates: 44°24′N 12°12′E / 44.400°N 12.200°E / 44.400; 12.200