Montréal Mission

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Montreal Mission
City Quebec Montreal
League National Ringette League
Founded 2004
Home arena Centre Étienne Desmarteau

Black, Blue, Grey

General manager France Levert
Head coach Daniel Dussault
Affiliates Montréal Mission Under-19 (Ligue Élite de Ringuette du Québec (LERQ))
Montreal Mission 12 février 2012 098.jpg

The Montréal Mission are a team in the National Ringette League that gathers players from the region of Montreal, Quebec. The Montréal Mission play in the National Ringette League and the team plays its home games at Centre Étienne Desmarteau.

Team history[edit]

Montreal Mission 12 février 2012 096.jpg

The Montréal Mission have played in the National Ringette League since its formation in 2004. For several years, The Montreal Mission have been the best NRL team in the province of Quebec. The team is ranked second in the Eastern Conference of the National Ringette League behind a team from Ontario, the Cambridge Turbos, and it has been in second place for two seasons: 2010-11 and 2009-10. In 2008-09, the Montreal Mission ended its season at the top of the NRL standings for the NRL Eastern Conference with two points more than the Cambridge Turbos.

Season Matches Win Losses Lost with prolongation Points Goals for Goals against standings
2010–2011 22 19 3 0 38 193 87 2
2009–2010 31 27 2 2 56 241 100 2
2008–2009 31 29 1 1 59 254 96 1
2007–2008 29 13 15 0 27 144 162 8

World Championship connection[edit]

Stéphanie Séguin, forward of Montreal Mission

The world championships for ringuette take place once every three years. Several players from the Montréal Mission have been chosen to represent their country. The teams have included these notable players:

Year world championships of ringuette
2010 Julie Blanchette Canada, Stéphanie Séguin Canada, Catherine Cartier United States
2007 Julie Blanchette Canada, Stéphanie Séguin Canada, Claudia Jetté Canada, Melanie Thomas United States, Catherine Cartier United States
2004 Julie Blanchette Canada, Stéphanie Séguin Canada, Melanie Thomas United States

Leading scorers[edit]

In 2010-11, two players from the Montréal Mission dominated the standings of the league for scores and assists with 141 points for Julie Blanchette in 1st and 132 points for Catherine Cartier in 2nd. In 2009-2010 the two same players dominated the standings with 122 points for (1st) Cartier, 110 points for Blanchette in 2nd and in addition 83 points for Stéphanie Séguin in 4th.

Season Players Matches Goals Assists Points Leading scorers
2010–2011 Julie Blanchette 31 61 80 141 1 (Best scorer in the League)
2009–2010 Catherine Cartier 31 77 45 122 1 (Best scorer in the League)
2008–2009 Julie Blanchette 31 54 80 134 2
2007–2008 Catherine Cartier 30 111 44 155 1 (Best scorer in the League)

Current roster 2011-12[edit]


No Player Position S/G Age Birthplace
4 Katherine Fallon-Simard F L 25 St-Hilaire, Canada
10 Julie-Ève Finn D L 19 Iles-des-Sœurs, Canada
17 Natali St-Germain F L 20 Montréal, Canada
18 Lynn Despiegelaere F L 31 Montreal, Canada
27 Kim Aspirot F L 20 Repentigny, Canada
30 Laurie Mathieu G L 19 Boucherville, Canada
31 Kathleen Perreault G R 21 Montreal, Canada
33 Claudia Jetté G R 35 St-Laurent, Canada
36 Arielle Sanschagrin F R 19 Montréal, Canada
44 Julie Primard F R 29 St-Constant, Canada
47 Véronike Dufort D L 21 Sainte-Catherine, Canada
66 Stéphanie Séguin F L 30 St-Laurent, Canada
77 Kassy Chhim D L 35 Boucherville, Canada
79 Karine Seguin D L 31 Saint-Laurent, Canada
87 Edith King D L 26 Repentigny, Canada
93 Catherine Cartier C L 34 Montreal, Canada
96 Annie-Pier Séguin F L 22 Kirkland, Canada
99 Julie Blanchette C L 35 Montreal, Canada

Coaching staff 2011-12[edit]

Montreal Mission gathering around the bench discussing strategy with the Head Coach
  • General Manager: France Levert
  • Head Coach: Daniel Dussault


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