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There was one bus rapid transit route in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in operation. It operated from 1989 to 2002 on Pie-IX Boulevard, and after it ceased operating, became a regular reserved lane rush hour service using regular bus stops as the 505 Reserved Lane Pie-IX. It is projected to return to service in 2013. A second BRT line is planned for Henri Bourassa Boulevard, projected for service in 2018.

Pius IX BRT line[edit]

505 R-Bus BRT[edit]

Old BRT shelter on Boulevard Pie-IX at Bélanger.

The STCUM 505 R-BUS Pie-IX (Express Pie-IX), running along Boulevard Pie-IX (Pope Pius the Ninth), provided supplementary, limited-stop service to the 139 Pie-IX bus route during rush hours. It operated from 1989 to 2002, being the first reserved-lane bus service and first BRT service in Montreal. The system had 10 dedicated stations, and a regular stop and terminus at the Pie-IX metro station.[1]

Prior to 2002, this route used to run against traffic on the part-time dedicated bus lanes on the opposite side of the traffic median. It featured dedicated sheltered BRT stations, a high frequency of service, and priority traffic signals. The use of these bus lanes were suspended indefinitely after a passenger, unaware of the traffic contraflow, was struck by a bus.[2] In the interim, from the suspension of service, until its planned resumption, alternate service occurs on the reserved-lane rush-hour bus 505 Reserved Lane Pie-IX. There were plans to restart the service once safety cones and fences are installed along Pie-IX Boulevard.[1]

List of original 505 BRT stations[edit]

The stations were dismantled as of August 2010, to make way for the revised service system.[3]

  • Pie-IX Metro
  • Laurier
  • Rosemont
  • Beaubien
  • Belanger
  • Jean Talon
  • Jarry
  • Robert
  • 47e rue
  • Fleury
  • Monselet

2013 future service[edit]

Projected revised BRT service on Pie-IX, projected 2013

Service is project to be restored by 2013, with two dedicated lanes in the middle of the street and 24-hour service.[2][4] The service will be transferred from the MUCTC, which operated the BRT line until its suspension in 2002, to the AMT. The rebuilt line was originally projected to cost $150million CDN.[5] The new service will extend into Laval, and is projected to cost $300 million CDN, as of 2010.[6] The portion in Laval will extend 5 kilometres (3.1 mi), and include parking lots. As the portion in Laval will operate on a grade separated expressway (the former trace of Autoroute 25, since moved to a new right-of-way further east) and have dedicated on-ramps and off-ramps.[7] The system will extend from Autoroute 440 in Laval, all the way to Notre-Dame Street near the southern shore of Montreal Island against the Saint Lawrence River.[3]

List of 2013 revised system BRT stations[edit]

As originally envisioned, the BRT route would extend from Henri Bourassa Boulevard to René Lévesque Boulevard.[8]

At the issue of an early planning study made by Genivar/CIMA+ for the AMT,the planned line is to have the following stop.

  • Montée Saint-François and 440 highway (Laval) (500 places parking)
  • Saint-Martin (Laval) (500 places parking)
  • de la Concorde (Laval)
  • d'Amos
  • Castille
  • Fleury / Forest
  • 56e Rue / Gare Montréal-Nord — intermodal station with suburban train line Train de l'Est
  • 47e Rue
  • 39e Rue
  • Robert
  • Jarry
  • Jean-Talon — intermodal station with projected future Line 5 Blue Montreal Metro station
  • Belanger
  • Beaubien
  • Rosemont
  • Laurier
  • Mont Royal
  • Métro Pie-IX
  • Ontario
  • Sainte Catherine
  • Notre-Dame

Replacement with LRT[edit]

There are ideas to replace the BRT with a true LRT tramline on the street using the shared right-of-way. A Montreal Metro line was also once planned to run underneath Pie-IX Boulevard, but this never came to fruition. At one time, a tram line ran on Pie-IX, prior to the establishment of regular bus service along the thoroughfare.

Henri Bourassa BRT line[edit]

There is a planned BRT line along Henri Bourassa Boulevard, running for 5 kilometres (3.1 mi), projected for operation in 2018. It would create two dedicated reserved lanes in the middle of the street, and operate 24 hours a day. The plan is projected to cost $25 million CDN as of 2010.[8]


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