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Monty Munford is an English-born tech journalist, author, and part-time film actor residing in India until September 2010 when he returned to the UK.[1]



In 2005 Munford joined mobile media games publisher and distributor Player X[2] after previously working for mobile game testing house Babel Media.[3]

In May 2008 it was announced that Player X had made a deal with Paramount Pictures and would be providing feature films for "the 4th screen".[4] After Player X acquired Gaelco Moviles and announced its splitting itself into two companies, and upon the subsequent acquisition of Player X by European mobile content giant Zed, Munford left the UK and went to India.[1][5]

In October 2009 Munford left Player X to devote his time to connecting UK and Indian mobile content providers, as well as to pursue acting in Bollywood.[6] According to his Facebook and Twitter pages, he intends to return to the UK in August, 2010 to resume his career in mobile or associated industries.


As a journalist, Munford has written for Evergeek, The Inquirer, and through 2009 wrote for The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Observer, Financial Times, and The Times.[7][8] He currently writes a column for The Times of India,[7] and Monty's Indian Outlook. Munford has also written and self-published The Dust Bowls of Maturity. He is also active as @montymunford on Twitter.


In 2009, after leaving Player X, and while still writing for Times of India, Munford began part-time acting in Bollywood films.[9] His first role was as a 1930s British officer for the Ashutosh Gowariker film Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey.[10][11] His second role was as a Russian gangster name Alexis in the Rohan Sippy film Dum Maro Dum.[12]


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