Monument Peak (Milpitas, California)

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Monument Peak
Milpitas view2.JPG
Elevation 2,598 ft (792 m) NAVD 88[1]
Location Alameda / Santa Clara counties, California, U.S.
Coordinates 37°29′05″N 121°51′57″W / 37.484636136°N 121.865796292°W / 37.484636136; -121.865796292Coordinates: 37°29′05″N 121°51′57″W / 37.484636136°N 121.865796292°W / 37.484636136; -121.865796292[1]
Topo map USGS Calaveras Reservoir
Easiest route Hike

Monument Peak is a mountain peak located southeast of Fremont and northeast of Milpitas, California, in the United States. It is part of a ridge that include Mount Allison and Mission Peak and forms part of the border between Alameda County, and Santa Clara County. Monument Peak is county park property. It can be reached via a gated road, or via trails from Ed R. Levin County Park in Santa Clara County, or Mission Peak Park in Alameda County.

Monument Peak antenna, partially obscured by fog.

Built on July 1, 1988, an antenna on Monument Peak broadcasts channels 36 (Action 36, KICU) and 54 (PBS, KQEH). It is a free-standing structure 605.2 feet (184.4 meters) above ground level.[2] In the image above, the Monument Peak antenna is the tallest one seen (far right). The peak is the point directly right of the antenna. The antenna to the far left is on Mount Allison.

There is another Monument Peak in San Diego county that has an elevation of 6,200'. And there is a Monument Peak in San Bernardino County, 2379 feet above sea level (725 meters), which marks the northernmost point on the Colorado River Indian Reservation boundary. It is a distinctive spire, visible from over 30 miles away.


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