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The term moo can refer to:

  • The sound made by a cow or bull

The term moo can also refer to:


In computing[edit]

In entertainment and media[edit]

In people[edit]

  • Douglas J. Moo, scholar who specialized in the New Testament
  • Eric Moo, singer and composer
  • Joong-Moo, given name to Admiral Yi Sun-Sin of the Joseon Dynasty
  • Lee Jang-Moo, professor of Mechanical Engineering in Seoul National University
  • Moo Ko-Suen, covert agent of the People's Republic of China who tried to purchase US military equipment
  • Moo-Young Han (born 1934), professor of physics at Duke University
  • Roh Moo-hyun (born 1946, died 2009), the 16th President of South Korea (2003–2008)

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