Moo-Young Han

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This is a Korean name; the family name is Han.
Moo-Young Han
Born 1934 (age 80–81)
Seoul, Korea
Alma mater Carroll College
University of Rochester
Employer Duke University
Known for Introducing the SU(3) symmetry of quarks
Korean name
Hangul 한무영
Revised Romanization Han Mu-yeong
McCune–Reischauer Han Muyŏng

Moo-Young Han (born 1934) is a professor of physics at Duke University. Along with Yoichiro Nambu of the University of Chicago, he is credited with introducing the SU(3) symmetry of quarks, today known as the color charge.[1] The color charge is the basis of the strong force as explained by quantum chromodynamics.

Han is the author of 4 books on quantum physics and advanced technology:

  • The Secret Life Of Quanta (1990, McGraw-Hill)
  • The Probable Universe (1993, McGraw-Hill)
  • Quarks And Gluons (1999, World Scientific)
  • A Story Of Light: A Short Introduction to Quantum Field Theory of Quarks and Leptons (2004, World Scientific).

Han was born in Seoul, Korea. He emigrated to the US after the Korean War to attend Carroll College. He received his Ph.D from the University of Rochester and has been on the Duke physics faculty since 1967.


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