Moolakadai Junction

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Moolakadai Junction
மூலக்கடை சந்திப்பு
Chennai, India
Coordinates: 13°07′44″N 80°14′29″E / 13.128937°N 80.241453°E / 13.128937; 80.241453Coordinates: 13°07′44″N 80°14′29″E / 13.128937°N 80.241453°E / 13.128937; 80.241453
Roads at
Grand Northern Trunk Road (NH 5)
Madhavaram High Road
Tondiarpet High Road
Kamaraj Road
Type: Flyover
Lanes: 4
Opened: Unopened(Under Construction)

Moolakadai Junction is an important road junction in Chennai, India. It is located at Moolakadai at the intersection of the Grand Northern Trunk Road (NH 5), Madhavaram High Road, Tondiarpet High Road, Kamaraj Road.

Moolakadai is primarily a high traffic area in North Chennai due to the movement of Heavy vehicles (mainly containers) as most of those heavy vehicles have to pass through Moolakadai in order to reach the Chennai Port.

For those who come from South Chennai, Moolakadai acts as the gateway to the areas like Madhavaram, Kodungaiyur, Madhavaram Milk Colony, Mathur MMDA, Manali, Vyasarpadi, Puzhal, Redhills, Karanodai.

Construction In Progress[edit]

The Flyover constructing work is started by January 2011.[1]

The Construction work delayed due to reasons such as election period, land acquisition[2] which results anger the residents which suffering high traffic congestion.[3]

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