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The Moon Man is a fictional pulp magazine character who appeared in Ten Detective Aces magazine, published by A.A. Wyn's Ace Magazines. He was a pulp hero in the Robin Hood mold. Frederick C. Davis created the character and wrote all the original stories under his own name. (Davis, who after his time as pulp writer had a long career as a mystery novelist, generally wrote under various pen names.)


The Moon Man was so named because he concealed his identity with a spherical helmet of argus glass, which gave a mirrored appearance. He wore a black robe with black gloves. Because the Moon Man robbed from villains, he was viewed by the police as another criminal. All the loot he took was instead distributed secretly to the poor of Great City by the Moon Man's ally, Ned "Angel" Dargan.

The Moon Man was really detective-sergeant Stephen Thatcher, son of Great City's Police Chief. His main opponent was Detective Gill McEwen, who worked to stop the Moon Man. Sue McEwen, Gill's daughter, was Thatcher's love interest.


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Comic book stories of the Moon Man appeared in Ace Comics' Sure-Fire Comics and Lightning Comics under the name "The Raven". He appeared all issues of these titles.

Reprints and New Stories[edit]

A few Moon Man stories were reprinted in later years, with a proposal in the mid-1980s to reprint all the stories in two volumes from "Purple Prose Press". Only the first volume, Night Nemesis, saw print. More recently, the small press Battered Silicon Dispatch Box published the two volumes as a set.

A few new Moon Man stories have also appeared in pulp fanzines. Longer works include The Hounds of Hell, published by Airship 27, which pitted the Moon Man against pulp villain Doctor Satan. The newer stories were written by Ken Janssens, Gary Lovisi, Erwin K. Roberts and Andrew Salmon.