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The Moon Realm Series
Paperback Cover for The Moon Coin
Paperback Cover for The Dragondain
The Moon Coin - The Dragondain
Author Richard Due[1]
Illustrator Carolyn Arcabascio
Language English
Genre fantasy, adventure
Publisher Gibbering Gnome Press
Published 2011–
Media type Print & eBook

The Moon Realm Series is the award-winning[2] middle-grade fantasy series written by Richard Due, and illustrated by Carolyn Arcabascio.


The series takes place on Treling, an old tree nursery in modern day Pennsylvania, and in the Moon Realm. Although first introduced as a fictional place, by an uncle to his niece and nephew, the real Moon Realm turns out to be far darker than originally described. Inhabiting the nine moons of the realm are a variety of talking creatures, including lunamancers, merfolk, giants, faeries, and the horse-sized, cat-like Rinn. But one previously unmentioned character overshadows all: the evil, nine-named villain Wrengfoul.

The Moon Realm Series[edit]


In 2012 he received a Moonbeam Children's Book Awards Gold Medal for pre-teen fantasy.[7]


  • Lily Vervain Winter, thirteen-year-old sister of Jasper, expert liar, trying to reform
  • Jasper Milfoil Winter, fourteen-year-old, would rather die than break a pinky-promise
  • Ebb Autumn, Linnea’s brother, lives in the mansion on The Egg
  • Mr. Phixit, more than just two arms mounted to a tall dresser with exactly ninety-nine drawers
  • Greydor Goldenclif, of the clan Foamchaser, Lord of the Valley Rinn
  • Nimlinn Goldenclif, of the clan Broadpaw, Queen of the Valley Rinn
  • Roan, warrior, head of his clutter
  • Snerliff, attendant to Nimlinn, stouthearted when not panicked
  • Twizbang, attendant to Nimlinn, a bit twitchy
  • Dubb, Captain, Dragondain, master swordsman and tactician
  • Tavin, Ex-Captain, Ex-Dragondain, cursed
  • Ember, lunamancer, amateur Dain historian
  • Faerathil, the Faerie Queen of Rel’ Kah
  • Morgoroth the Devourer, Keeper of the Magic Flame, greatest dragon in all the Moon Realm
  • Curse, nasty piece of work, inhabits a slag heap of a sword, likes to be oiled regularly

The various names of Wrengfoul

  • Rengtiscura, as he is known on the moon Barreth
  • Werfryht, as he is known on the moon Taw
  • Wergmyrk, as he is known on the moon Dik Dek
  • Writhrong, as he is known on the moon Rel’ Kah
  • Wrengfoul, as he is known on the moon Dain

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