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MOONBOOTICA Mandrill Logo (2013)

MOONBOOTICA is the pseudonym of Hamburg DJs KoweSix and Tobitob (the latter a former member of Fünf Sterne deluxe). The band name derives from their rather large shoe sizes[1] (12.5 and 13.5 US) which quickly lead to the fitting shoes, moon boots. Their musical style is House (a combination of Electro House and Funky House/French House) with little Hip Hop influences. Together they launched the label Moonbootique, under which they also publish their own creations. Their third Studioalbum "Our Disco Is Louder Than Yours" was released via the Berlin based label Four Music.

The duo did collaborations with international stars such as Robbie Williams, Skunk Anansie, Beatsteaks, Faithless, Jan Delay, Hurts, Kruder & Dorfmeister.

They are also joined by guest vocalists like Anthony Mills, Thomas Hofding, Thomas Azier, Mohini Geisweiler, Siri Svegler and Reggie Noble a.k.a REDMAN.

Besides their regular DJ-gigs all over European clubs, MOONBOOTICA is performing a live showcase on well known festivals, e.g. Rock am Ring/Rock im Park, Sputnik Springbreak or the electronic Festival SonneMondSterne.



  • Moonbootation (06/2001)
  • Get it on (04/2002)
  • Mau Mau high (01/2003)
  • We 1,2 Rock / Roll the Dice (01/2004)
  • Bulldog beats (07/2004)
  • June / Mustang (02/2005)
  • Listen (08/2005)
  • Pretty little angel (12/2005)
  • Mopedgang (04/2006)
  • Wattbird / Break of light (10/2006)
  • Jump Around (09/2007)
  • Der Mond feat. Jan Delay (10/2007)
  • Strobelight (05/2009)
  • The Ease (11/2009)
  • Men Of The Future (02/2010)
  • Tonight (01/2011)
  • I'm On Vacation Bitch feat. Redman (05/2012)
  • Iconic (03/2012)
  • Bounce With Me feat. Anthony Mills (11/2013)
  • My Hot Dope / Partylife (02/2014)


  • Moonbootica (10/2005)
  • Moonlight Welfare (10/2007)
  • Our Disco Is Louder Than Yours (05/2012)

Mix compilations[edit]

  • DJ sounds good (03/2004)
  • ... and then we started to dance (10/2006)
  • Moonbootique Records Present Sound (2007)
  • Save The Night (10/2009)


  • Dynamit Moonbootica RMX (2008) (Remix of Dynamite Deluxe's single 'Dynamit')

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