Moondru Mugam

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Moondru Mugam
Moondru Mugam.jpg
Directed by A. Jagannathan
Produced by Thamizhazhagan
G. Thyagarajan
Written by Selva Kumar (dialogues)
Screenplay by Kanaga Shanmugan
P. L. Sundar Rajan
Ratha Veerannan
Story by Selva Kumar
Starring Rajinikanth
Delhi Ganesh
Thengai Seenivasan
Poornam Viswanathan
Haja Shareef
Raadhika Sarathkumar
Silk Smitha
Music by Sankar Ganesh
Cinematography Viswam Natarajan
Edited by K. R. Krishnan
Distributed by Sathya Movies
Release dates
1 October 1982
Country India
Language Tamil

Moondru Mugam (Tamil: மூன்று முகம், English: Three Faces) is a 1982 Tamil feature film starring Rajinikanth in triple roles as Alex Pandian, Arun and John. It was a mega-hit blockbuster and completed a 250-days run at the box office. This film received the Best actor (for Rajinikanth) in 1982 from the Tamil Nadu Government. The film was remade in Hindi as John Jani Janardhan with Rajni again reprising his role and was remade in Kannada as Gedda Maga with Shankar Nag. The movie was also remade in Telugu as Mugguru Mongallu, starring Sobhan Babu and Radhika Sarathkumar reprising her role from the original Tamil version.


Arun (Rajinikanth), son of a rich businessman, returns from America to India after 10 years of living abroad, but as a saint. His shocked father (Thengai Srinivasan) enlists a charming press reporter, Rekha (Radhika Sarathkumar) to change him back to normal. She sets up a number of things such as an interview, which he thwarts.

Later, on the pretense of taking him to a temple, she plans another set up. On the way to the temple, she pretends that the car has broken down and he leaves to roam around a bit. While he is walking he sees a crying child and offers him a chocolate. Suddenly he is swarmed by more children and other villagers who confront him of being a child-kidnapper. Using the event, Rekha cut's Arun's beard off, a symbol of piety. After a few more set-ups such as this, he renounces his sainthood.

Later, Arun goes to work and finds out that his father has been sending money to someone for over twenty years.

In another scenario, a man informs a lady that someone has proposed to her nephew John (again Rajinikanth). She informs the bride's parents about John, telling them he is actually a man named Alex Pandian's (also portrayed by Rajinikanth) son.

A flashback ensues that explains Alex Pandian's story. Alex Pandian is a scrupulous police officer. He arrests some criminals and brings upon him the wrath of their mob boss, Egambaram (Senthamarai). Egambaram kills him and as he exhales his last breadth, Alex Pandian vows that he will be born again to take revenge.

When Alex Pandian dies so does his wife after giving birth to twins. One is named Arun and the other, John. Meanwhile Thengai Srinivasan's wife gives birth but the child dies, just like the other two times she had been pregnant. Alex's sister gives one of Alex Pandian's children to them and he is christened Arun.

On Arun's 25th birthday party he gets a divine epiphany that makes him realize he is the reincarnation of Alex Pandian. He is asked to meet a woman named Smitha at a hotel but it proves to be a set up. In the ensuing battle for survival, he kills the attacker and goes to jail. He comes to court to reveal the truth when suddenly an Alex Pandian comes up and says that he is not in fact dead but that he was in Sri Lanka all this time. However, the truth is that this man posing to be Alex Pandian is in fact Arun's twin, John. Unbeknownst to John, he is working with the man who murdered his father.

Later, Arun says he lied that he was an incarnation of Alex Pandian because he wanted to know who his enemies were when they try to kill him.

Later, John finds who Alex Pandian is and who Arun is and goes to save his brother. However, John is fatally wounded by Egambaram who he eventually kills and throws into the sea, the same way his father was murdered. Arun and Radhika get married in the end and all is well.

This Movie remade in Hindi titled John Jani Janardhan starring Rajnikant, Rati Agnihotri & Kader Khan.


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This film received the Best actor (for Rajinikanth) in 1982 from the Tamil Nadu Government.

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