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Moor may refer to:


  • Moors, medieval Muslim inhabitants of the Maghreb, Iberian Peninsula, Sicily and Malta.
  • Moro people, an autonomous Muslim people in the Philippines
  • Sri Lankan Moor, a minority ethnic group in Sri Lanka
  • Marakkar, a Muslim minority ethnic group in India
  • Moorish American, or "Moors", an African-American Muslim ethnoreligious group


  • Moor, a word for a fen or marsh, now mostly applied to flat areas of former marshland in Somerset, England
  • Moor or moorland, an uncultivated upland area that is characterized by low growing vegetation on acidic soils
  • Moor, the German spelling of Mór, a town in Fejér county, Hungary
  • The Moor, a street in Sheffield, England
  • The Moor, Hawkhurst, a village green in Kent, England.
  • Moor Crichel, a village in southwest England, situated on the Cranborne Chase plateau, five miles east of Blandford Forum
  • Moor Island, one of the uninhabited Canadian Arctic Archipelago islands in Kivalliq Region, Nunavut




  • Black Moor, a variety of fancy goldfish that has a characteristic pair of protruding eyes
  • Moor frog, a slim, reddish-brown, semi-aquatic amphibian native to Europe and Asia
  • Mooring, securely holding a boat to a riverbank, pier or towpath, or a device used for that purpose

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