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More is a popular song with music by Alex Alstone and lyrics by Tom Glazer, published in 1956. (Not to be confused with the identical titled melody from the soundtrack of "Mondo Cane", 1963.

The best-known version of the song was recorded by Perry Como on May 8, 1956. It was issued as a single (RCA Victor catalog number 20-6554 on 78rpm, 47-6554 on 45rpm in the U.S., HMV POP-240 in the UK) and reached #4 on the U.S. charts and #10 on the UK charts. The flip side of both releases was Glendora.[1]

It was also issued on an extended play album, With a Song In My Heart.

A recording of the song was also made in the United Kingdom by Jimmy Young. It was issued by UK Decca Records as catalog number F 10774 and reached #4 on the UK charts in 1956.

Donald Braswell II recorded this song on his 2007 album New Chapter.


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