More Golden Hits

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More Golden Hits
Compilation album by The Turtles
Released March 1970
Genre Pop rock
Label White Whale Records
Producer The Turtles
The Turtles chronology
Turtle Soup
More Golden Hits
Wooden Head

More Golden Hits is a 1970 greatest hits album by the pop rock band The Turtles. It was released on White Whale Records.

Track listing[edit]


  1. "We Ain't Gonna Party No More" (Howard Kaylan)
  2. "Story of Rock & Roll" (Harry Nilsson)
  3. "You Showed Me" (Gene Clark/Jim McGuinn)
  4. "Sound Asleep" (Kaylan/Mark Volman)
  5. "You Don't Have to Walk in the Rain" (Kaylan/Al Nichol/Jim Pons/John Seiter/Volman)
  6. "Who Would Ever Think that I Would Marry Margaret" (Ralph Dino/John Sembello)


  1. "She's My Girl" (Gary Bonner/Alan Gordon)
  2. "Elenore" (Johnny Barbata/Kaylan/Nichol/Pons/Volman)
  3. "Lady-O" (Judee Sill)
  4. "Hot Little Hands" (Kaylan/Nichol/Pons/Seiter/Volman)
  5. "Love in the City" (Kaylan/Nichol/Pons/Seiter/Volman)
  6. "Cat in the Window" (Bonner/Gordon)