More than Love

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"More than Love"
Single by Wet Wet Wet
from the album High on the Happy Side
Released 9 March 1992 (UK)
Format CD, cassette, 7"
Genre Pop
Label PolyGram
Wet Wet Wet singles chronology
"Goodnight Girl"
"More than Love"
"Lip Service"
For the Maltese 1994 Eurovision Song Contest song of the same name, see More than Love (Scicluna and Stafrace song).

"More than Love" was the fourth single from Wet Wet Wet's fourth studio album, High on the Happy Side. It was released on 9 March 1992.

Title lyric: It takes more than love to get it on.

Track listings[edit]

CD 1:

  1. "More than Love" (ET mix)
  2. "Sweet Little Mystery" (from The Memphis Sessions)
  3. "Broke Away"
  4. "Goodnight Girl" (rhythm mix)

CD 2:

  1. "More than Love" (ET mix)
  2. "This Time" (from The Memphis Sessions)
  3. "Make it Tonight" (ET mix)
  4. "Perfect Lie"


  1. "More than Love" (ET mix)
  2. "Perfect Lie"


  1. "More than Love" (ET mix)
  2. "Perfect Lie"