Moresby Range National Park

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Moresby Range National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Nearest town or city Innisfail
Coordinates 17°32′15″S 146°04′33″E / 17.53750°S 146.07583°E / -17.53750; 146.07583Coordinates: 17°32′15″S 146°04′33″E / 17.53750°S 146.07583°E / -17.53750; 146.07583
Established 1973
Area 2.79 km2 (1.08 sq mi)
Managing authorities Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service

Moresby Range is a national park in Far North Queensland, Australia, 1,314 km northwest of Brisbane. It is part of the Coastal Wet Tropics Important Bird Area, identified as such by BirdLife International because of its importance for the conservation of lowland tropical rainforest birds.[1]

The national park is located on the coast south of the mouth of the Johnstone River a few km from Innisfail in the Cassowary Coast Region. The range reaches elevations of around 160 m above sea level. It belongs to the Wet Tropics biogregion and lies within the Johnstone River water catchment.[2] About 8% of the park is classed as wetlands.[2]

The Spectacled flying fox is the only rare or threatened species to have been identified in the park.[3] In 2010, five cassowaries which inhabit the park were tagged with GPS dataloggers with VHF transmitters to enable monitoring of their movement.[4]

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