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Not to be confused with Morgan Singer.
Morgan live.jpg
Morgan performing live at Suoni delle Dolomiti, Trento on 17 August 2008
Background information
Birth name Marco Castoldi
Born (1972-12-23) December 23, 1972 (age 42)
Milan, Italy
Genres Alternative rock, electronic rock, experimental rock, synthpop
Occupation(s) Musician, singer-songwriter
Instruments Vocals, piano, keyboards, bass
Associated acts Bluvertigo

Marco Castoldi (born 23 December 1972), better known by his stage name Morgan, is an Italian singer, musician and multi-instrumentalist. His musical genres are mainly alternative rock and synth rock, sometimes experimental rock and synthpop. He is been also a judge for three years in the Italian version of The X Factor winning the first three series through acts he mentored, Aram Quartet (series 1 - 2008), Matteo Becucci (series 2 - 2008-9) and Marco Mengoni (in series 3 - 2009).

He is also a founding member of Bluvertigo, an Italian band formed in 1992. Bluvertigo's first name was "Golden Age" and other founding members included Andy (Andrea Fumagalli) and Marco Pancaldi.


Their first album was released in 1995, Acidi e basi, followed in 1997 by Metallo non metallo and in 1999 by Zero: they were later called "la trilogia chimica" ("the chemical trilogy") because every title has a reference to chemistry and the initial letters (AB-MN-Z) are respectively the first, the central and the last ones of the alphabet. Their latest album is Pop Tools, a compilation released in 2001. In 2003 Morgan released his first solo album: Le canzoni dell'appartamento.

MTV Storytellers was released in 2008, a live recording of a concert performed for MTV. A music video for "Fuori Dal Tempo" can be found on the MTV Storytellers DVD.

Present members are: Morgan (Marco Castoldi) (on vocals, bass, piano), Andy (Andrea Fumagalli) (on keys, sax, synths, vocals), Sergio Carnevale (drums and percussions), Livio Magnini (guitar).

Morgan had lived with actress Asia Argento with whom has a daughter born in 2001.



  • 2003: Canzoni dell'appartamento
  • 2004: Il suono della vanità
  • 2005: Non al denaro, non all'amore né al cielo
  • 2007: Da A ad A
  • 2008: È successo a Morgan
  • 2009: Italian Songbook Volume 1
  • 2010: Morganicomio
  • 2012: Italian Songbook Volume 2
Morgan live concert at the Cathedral of Asti (Italy) - July 15, 2011

With Bluvertigo[edit]

  • 1995: Acidi e Basi
  • 1997: Metallo Non Metallo
  • 1999: Zero - ovvero la famosa nevicata dell'85
  • 2001: Pop Tools
  • 2005: MTV Storytellers (live)



  • Mao in Black Mokette
  • Soerba in Playback
  • La Sintesi in L'eroe romantico
  • Aram Quartet in the song Chi (Who)



  • 1998: Dissoluzione
  • 2008: In pArte Morgan

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