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Morgan Taylor Reid
Morgan Taylor Reid Photoshoot in Los Osos, CA, June 2010
Background information
Birth name Morgan Taylor Reid
Born (1985-11-01) November 1, 1985 (age 28)
Santa Rosa, California
Genres Pop, alternative, rock, adult contemporary music, indie rock, indie pop
Occupations Singer-songwriter, record producer, musician
Instruments Vocals, piano, keyboards, synthesizers, guitar, bass, mandolin, ukulele, drums, percussion
Years active 2002–present
Associated acts Backstreet Boys, RedOne, 7Lions, Plug In Stereo, Shane Harper, Max Schneider

Morgan Taylor Reid (born November 1, 1985) is an American musician, singer-songwriter, recording artist and record producer based in Los Angeles, California. As an artist, Reid's music has been licensed for television including his song "Brighter" that was featured in the Season 7 finale of Grey's Anatomy, his song "Simply Human" featured on House (TV series) (Season 8, Episode 9 FOX) and his song "Where Do I Even Start?" featured in Season 8, Episode 8 of Grey's Anatomy.[1] After being featured on Grey’s Anatomy, "Where Do I Even Start?" reached #74 on the Top 100 Alternative Songs on iTunes.

As a songwriter and record producer, Reid has worked with several artists including the Backstreet Boys. Reid recently produced five songs on the Backstreet Boys new album In A World Like This including their single "Show 'Em (What You're Made Of)". Reid also produced their latest holiday single "It's Christmas Time Again", which he wrote with Backstreet Boys members Nick Carter and Howie Dorough along with songwriter Mika Guillory.[2]

Early life[edit]

Morgan Taylor Reid, born and raised in Santa Rosa, California, had musical talent from a very early age. When Reid was three years old, he was introduced to his first musical instrument and immediately took to the melodies he heard surrounding him. He has a deep love for the piano, an instrument he began to pursue at the age of four. Over the years he has developed talent with guitar, bass, synth, and mandolin, among many other percussive instruments.

As he grew up, he was exposed to his mother's love of Top 40 hits as well as his father’s passion for classic rock 'n' roll such as The Beatles, Eagles and Elton John. This exposure led him at the mere age of eleven to dabble in a bit of song writing of his own.[1]

Producing career[edit]

As a multitalented singer, songwriter, record producer and musician, Morgan Taylor Reid is constantly involved in several musical endeavors. Primarily based in Los Angeles, California, Reid has written and produced several songs for artists such as Backstreet Boys, Megan Nicole (Bad Boy Records), The Ready Set (Warner Bros. Records), Plug In Stereo (Atlantic Records), Shane Harper (Deep Well Records (Adam Anders) and several indie artists.

In April 2011, Reid began co-producing with internationally renowned record producer RedOne for his then newly signed band 7Lions (2101 Records/Universal Music Group).[3] Reid wrote, produced and developed the debut EP Born 2 Run for the band 7Lions. After its release on June 19, 2012, the Born 2 Run album debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 charts at #15 on the Alternative Chart and #33 on the New Artist Chart.[4]

In addition to producing the Backstreet Boys 2012 Christmas single "It's Christmas Time Again", Morgan Taylor Reid has produced several songs for the eighth Backstreet Boys album set to be released July 30, 2013. On the red carpet of American Music Awards on November 18, 2012, the Backstreet Boys stated that they were more than halfway done with the new album and they're working with "up and coming guys who have a sound that hasn't been heard yet" such as Morgan Taylor Reid and The Fliptones.[5]

Solo artist career[edit]

Reid's solo album Simply Human reveals the mellow singer/songwriter side of Reid. This heartfelt acoustic style EP has gotten Reid lots of media attention. His song "Stay Where You Are" was used for a Levi's Jeans Campaign, his songs "Brighter" and "Where Do I Even Start?" have been featured on the popular network television show Grey's Anatomy on ABC. After being featured on Grey's Anatomy, "Where Do I Even Start?" reached #74 on the Top 100 Alternative Songs on iTunes. Reid's song "Simply Human" was featured on the hit show House (FOX) on January 23, 2012 and he has plans to release a new solo album in the Summer of 2013.[1]

On November 21, 2012 Reid released a new single, called "Science", which he wrote with CTodd Nielsen and Matt Mugford. The single was released the same day it was featured on Private Practice on ABC.[1]


Year Label Artist Album Song Credits
2014 Universal Republic Records Grace Mitchell TBA TBA Co-Writer, Producer
Atlantic Records JoJo TBA TBA Co-Writer, Producer
Atlantic Records Plug In Stereo A Little Peace - EP "Don't Say Goodnight" Co-Writer, Co-Producer
"Everything I Shouldn't Say" Co-Writer, Co-Producer
"Home Soon" Co-Writer, Co-Producer
"To Be Wanted (Feat. Megan & Liz)" Co-Writer, Co-Producer
"Wait For Me" Co-Writer, Co-Producer
Deep Well Records Shane Harper TBA TBA Co-Writer, Producer
2013 2101 Records 7Lions "Taking Over - Single" Co-Writer, Performer, Producer
Hopeless Records Anarbor Burnout "18" Co-Writer
"What He Don't Know" Co-Writer
Annaliese Transparency - EP "Don't Say Anything" Producer
"Minefield" Producer
"Transparency" Producer
"What Not To Do" Producer
K-BAHN Backstreet Boys In A World Like This "In Your Arms" Producer, Writer, All Instruments
"One Phone Call" Co-Writer, Producer, All Instruments
"Permanent Stain" Co-Writer, Producer, All Instruments
"Show 'Em (What You're Made Of)" Co-Writer, Producer, All Instruments
"Soldier" Co-Writer, Producer, All Instruments
Universal Republic Records Grace Mitchell The Secret Life of Walter Mitty "Maneater" Mixer, Producer
Compound Jessi Malay "Bougie" Mixer, Producer
Max Schneider "Nothing Without Love" - Single Co-Writer, Mixer, Producer
Morgan Taylor Reid A Minor Heartbeat "City In Motion" Mixer, Performer, Producer, Writer
"Ghost Town" Co-Writer, Mixer, Performer, Producer
"Love Lock Maze" Co-Writer, Mixer, Performer, Producer
"Say Goodnight" Co-Writer, Mixer, Performer, Producer
"Sweeter Sound" Co-Writer, Mixer, Performer, Producer
"Take Care, Remember Me" Mixer, Performer, Producer, Writer
"The Greener Side" Mixer, Performer, Producer, Writer
Bad Boy Records Megan Nicole "Summer Forever" - Single Co-Writer, Mixer, Producer
Atlantic Records Plug In Stereo "To Be Wanted" (feat. Megan & Liz) - Single Co-Writer, Co-Producer
Inpop Records Shane Harper "Hold You Up" - Single Co-Writer, Mixer, Producer
2012 2101 Records 7Lions Born 2 Run - EP "Born 2 Run" Co-Writer, Co-Producer
"Emergency" Co-Writer, Producer
"One Man Symphony" Co-Writer, Producer
"One More Time" Co-Writer, Producer
"Taking Over" Co-Writer, Producer
Annaliese "Rusty - Single" Producer
K-BAHN Backstreet Boys "It's Christmas Time Again" - Single Co-Writer, Mixer, Producer, All Instruments
Atlantic Records Plug In Stereo The Patience - EP "Frozen Heart" Co-Writer, Co-Producer
"I Blame You" Co-Writer, Co-Producer
"Patience" Co-Producer
"You're On My Mind" Co-Writer, Co-Producer
2101 Records Porcelain Black "Sunday Bloody Sunday" (feat. 7Lions) - Cover Performer, Producer
Morgan Taylor Reid "Science" - Single Co-Writer, Mixer, Performer, Producer
Deep Well Records Shane Harper Dancin' in the Rain - EP "Flat World" Co-Writer, Producer
"Say It Cause I Know It" Co-Writer, Co-Producer
"Your Love" - Cover Producer
Shane Harper "I Know What I Know" (feat. Prophet) Co-Writer, Producer
"When I Look Into Your Eyes" Co-Writer, Producer
2011 Annaliese "Hold Me Steady" - Single Co-Writer, Producer
Morgan Taylor Reid Brighter - EP "Back In Time" Mixer, Performer, Producer, Writer
"Brighter" Mixer, Performer, Producer, Writer
"Where Do I Even Start?" Co-Writer, Mixer, Performer, Producer
Sean Douglas If We're Dying... "Unconditional" Co-Writer, Co-Producer
South Jordan Keep Calm and Carry On "Picking Up The Pieces" Co-Writer, Co-Producer
"Naked" Co-Producer
"Live Laugh Love" Co-Producer
2010 Morgan Taylor Reid Simply Human - EP "Brighter" Mixer, Performer, Producer, Writer
"One" Mixer, Performer, Producer, Writer
"Simply Human" Mixer, Performer, Producer, Writer
"Stay Where You Are" Mixer, Performer, Producer, Writer
"Touch" Mixer, Performer, Producer, Writer
"When Your Heart Is Able" Mixer, Performer, Producer, Writer
2009 Bluebox Thoughts In Motion - EP "All You Are" Co-Writer, Mixer, Performer, Producer
"Clarity" Mixer, Performer, Producer, Writer
"Close All The Doors" Co-Writer, Mixer, Performer, Producer
"Save A Day" Co-Writer, Mixer, Performer, Producer
"Started A Fire" Co-Writer, Mixer, Performer, Producer


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