Mori Rajputs

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The Mori clan is a Rajput clan of India who claim descent from the Solar dynasty as a subclan of the Parmara. They also claim descent from the Mauryan emperors. Their claims are widely believed by others.

They ruled Chittor and Malwa until the early part of eighth century and built the biggest fort in India at Chittor in the reign of Chitrangad Mori. The last king of the Mori dynasty of Chittor was Maan Singh Mori, who fought against an Arab invasion, in which Muhammad bin Qasim attacked Chittor via Mathura. Bappa, of the Guhilote (Gohil)dynasty, was a commander in the Mori army. After defeating Qasim, Bappa Rawal obtained Chittor in dowry from Maan Singh Mori in 734. From then onwards, Chittor was ruled by Gohil Rajputs who later came to be known as Sisodiya Rajputs

Mori and Parmar Rajputs continued to rule Malwa until Muslim incursions. Of late, they have remained as smaller royal states and jagirdars in central India in the present state of Madhya Pradesh; they are presently settled in Wadhwan,Bhavnagar, Dhar, Indore, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Narsinghpur and Raisen.