Mori Kazakh Autonomous County

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The Mori Kazak Autonomous County (Uyghur: مورى قازاق ئاپتونوم‎, ULY: Mori Qazaq Aptonom Nahiyisi, UYY: Mori K̡azak̡ Aptonom Nah̡iyisi?; Kazakh: موري قازاق اۆتونوميالى اۋدانى; Cyrillic: Мори Қазақ автономиялық ауданы; Simplified Chinese: 木垒哈萨克自治县; Pinyin: Mùlěi Hāsàkè Zìzhìxiàn; Xiao'erjing: مُولِؤ هَاسَاکْ ذِجِشِیًا) is a county within the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and is under the administration of the Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture. It contains an area of 13,510 km2. According to the 2002 census, it has a population of 90,000.

Coordinates: 43°49′00″N 90°11′00″E / 43.8167°N 90.1833°E / 43.8167; 90.1833