Moritz Michael Daffinger

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Moritz Michael Daffinger
Moritz Michael Daffinger.jpg

Moritz Michael Daffinger (January 25, 1790 – August 21, 1849) was an Austrian miniature painter and sculptor. His father was Johann Daffinger.

Moritz Michael Daffinger, Portrait of the Countess Ferdinandine Karolyi, 1840

Daffinger was born and died in Vienna. He was a pupil of Heinrich Friedrich Füger. His specialty was painting on china. Since 1809 he worked only on portraits and specialised in painting on ivory. Later, he was influenced by the English portrait painter Thomas Lawrence, who was in Vienna in 1815 for the Congress of Vienna. Daffinger's more than a thousand portraits were mostly owned by the Austrian imperial house. His portrait was on the obverse of the Austrian 20 schilling banknote that circulated until the introduction of the euro.

Daffinger on the 20 schilling banknote