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Morro Branco (in Cape Verdean Creole, written in ALUPEC: Morr Brónk) is a cape located in the northwest of the island of São Vicente nearly 3 km west of the island capital of Mindelo. The point is unaccessed with earthened road. The cape divides the Canal de São Vicente the Mindelo Bay and the rest of the Atlantic Ocean. Monte Cara is to the south

Geography and Information[edit]

The cape's soil colour are light brown, tan red and rarely brown as well as some beach sand which extends inland, they are made up of rocky ledges that are treacherous. Bushes are a trace in the area and are unsuitable for vegetation due to the island's dry climate.


The promontory offers a panoramic view of the island of Santo Antão and the Atlantic Ocean, it also offers breathtaking views of around the cape, much of the city of Mindelo, half of the northern portion of the island and Monte Cara to the south.

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