Mortlock River

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Mortlock River
Origin Belmunging
Mouth Avon River
Basin countries Australia
Length 81 kilometres (50 mi)
Source elevation 249 metres (817 ft)[1]
Mouth elevation 146 metres (479 ft)
Avg. discharge 17,800,000 cubic metres (23,300,000 cu yd) per annum
Basin area 16,800 square kilometres (6,487 sq mi)[2]

The Mortlock River is a river in the Wheatbelt of Western Australia.

The headwaters of the river rise near Belmunging then flow in a northerly direction crossing the Goldfields Road and continuing in a north-westerly direction to finally flow parallel to the Northam York Road and crossing Great Eastern Highway. The river discharges into the Avon River, of which it is a tributary, just west of Northam.

The river was named after the surveyor Henry Mortlock Ommanney in the 1830s. Ommanney was the first European to discover the river during an expedition through the area in 1835.[3]

There are three tributaries of the Mortlock River; Mortlock River North, Mortlock River East and Meenaar South Creek.

The river is saline and delivers the most salt (approximately 91 tonnes per year) into the Avon River.


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Coordinates: 31°38′47″S 116°40′15″E / 31.64639°S 116.67083°E / -31.64639; 116.67083