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Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology (Russian: Федеральное Государственное Унитарное предприятие "Московский институт теплотехники", ФГУП МИТ - Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology") (The name can also be translated as: "Moscow Institute of Thermal Equipment") a Russian (and former Soviet) scientific research institute that was founded on May 13, 1946. The institute is located in the Otradnoye District in the north of Moscow.

Previously, it was primarily focused on developing ballistic missiles and rockets to increase the nation's strategic deterrent capability. Today it is also involved in civilian projects and has modified some of its intercontinental ballistic missiles into launch vehicles to be used for satellites.

In July 2009 the institute's General Director and Chief designer Yuri Solomonov resigned after the July 15, 2009 test launch failure of Bulava naval-based ICBM designed by MITT.[1] Solomonov resigned as General Director on 21 July 2009, 6 days after the test.



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