Moselem Springs, Pennsylvania

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Moselem Springs is an unincorporated community in Berks County, Pennsylvania, USA. It is located at the junction of Pennsylvania Route 662 (Moselem Springs Road) and U.S. Highway 222 in Richmond Township. Buildings in the area include the Township Building, Lehigh Valley Health Network's Health Center at Moselem Springs (in the historic Inn, est. 1852), and Richmond Elementary School. The place name comes from the Unami-Len'api term Masch'il'am'ek, which means "trout."[1] In Minsi-Len'api "trout" is Mesch'ila'meek.[2]



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Coordinates: 40°29′08″N 075°50′19″W / 40.48556°N 75.83861°W / 40.48556; -75.83861