Moses Powell

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Moses Powell
Born Norfolk, Virginia [1]
Jan 13, 1941[1]
Died January 22, 2005 [2]
Ft. Lauderdale Florida[1]
Other names Master Musa Muhammad
Nationality American
Style Vee-Jitsu Te, Modern Ju Jitsu, Sanuces Ryu Jujutsu
Teacher(s) Florendo Visitacion and Ron Duncan[3]
Rank 10th degree black belt[4]
Years active 1954– early 2000s
Notable students Ron van Clief
last updated on: Oct 2013

Moses Powell (1941–2005), also known as Master Musa Muhammad,[5] was an American pioneer of martial arts in the United States.[6][7] He was born in Norfolk Virginia.[8] He held the rank of 10th degree black belt, and was famous for his one finger forward roll.[2] Moses Powell was the first martial artist invited to perform a demonstration in front of the United Nations.[8] One of the first African Americans to instruct the DEA, FBI, and the Secret Service in martial arts.[2] He was also a featured demonstrator New York's World Fair in 1965.[8] Notable for being a black martial artist (of minority ethnicity in the United States), he served as an instructor to movie star Wesley Snipes.[2] He appeared in the documentary, the Warrior Within.,[9] along with Chuck Norris.[2] He was also the founder of the Sanuces Ryu Jujutsu system. Additionally, he never co-signed any other systems.[10]

Media Appearances[edit]

Moses Powell appeared on the cover of Official Karate Magazine in September 1973, Spring 1982, and February 1976.[11] He was covered in Legends of American Martial Arts (DVD) [12]
Moses was also noted in the book Unlocking The Healing Powers in Your Hands: The 18 Mudra System of Qigong as a master of Jujitsu.[13]