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Moses "Daddy" Wilkinson or Old Moses was an African-American slave, and Methodist preacher in Nova Scotia and Sierra Leone.


Moses Wilkinson was a blind and crippled slave from Nansemond County, Virginia and his master was Mills Wilkinson. After Lord Dunmore's proclamation, Wilkinson led a band of runaway slaves to freedom in 1776. Moses was evacuated alongside other African Americans in 1783 and he is listed in the Book of Negroes.

Wilkinson was the main leader of the Methodists, and after staying in Birchtown, Nova Scotia, his congregation followed him to Sierra Leone where they established the first Methodist church in Settler Town, Sierra Leone. Wilkinson outlived all other religious leaders of the Nova Scotian settlers.

He is commemorated by Wilkinson Road in Freetown, Sierra Leone, which leads to the Methodist Girls High School.