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Moses ben Jonathan Galante (1621 – February 4, 1689 Jerusalem), grandson of Moses Galante, was a 17th-century rabbi at Jerusalem. He served as the first Rishon Le'Zion and was called Magen (מגן) with reference to the initials of his name. Hezekiah da Silva was among his disciples.

He wrote Zebaḥ ha-Shelamim, a harmonization of contradictory Biblical passages and of Biblical with Talmudical statements (edited by his grandson Moses Ḥagis, Amsterdam, 1707–08), and Ḳorban Ḥagigah, halakic and kabalistic novellæ (Venice, 1714). Some of his responsa are found in the works of contemporaries, and a volume of his responsa exists under the title Elef ha-Magen, but has never been published (as of 1906).

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