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For other people named Moshe Bar, see Moshe Bar (disambiguation).

Moshe Bar (born in Jerusalem, Israel in June 1971) is an Israeli author, investor and entrepreneur.

An Israeli and US citizen, he is a co-founder of Qumranet. Qumranet was sold to Red Hat in 2008 for US$ 107 million.

He previously founded the company behind the Xen software, XenSource, which was sold to Citrix for US$ 500 million in 2007. Before that he founded Qlusters Inc, and was the founder, main developer and project manager of openMosix. Furthermore, he frequently acts as an angel investor in high-tech start-up companies such as Sullego, Hyper9, and others. He was also involved in Qlayer, sold to Sun Microsystems in January 2009.

The author of several books on Linux, file systems and open source development, he was also a senior editor at Byte Magazine for over eight years.

He has authored several academic papers on high-performance computing and taught at Tel Aviv University, and is a frequent speaker on subjects such as virtualization, enterprise software, Linux, and free software.

Before entering the high-tech business, he was a career officer in the Israel Defense Forces.[1]


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