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For other uses, see Moskal (disambiguation).
Text in Ukrainian: "Thanks God I am not a Moskal"

Moskal (москаль, moskalik, moskal’) is is a term for Russians used in Ukraine, Belarus and Poland and currently considered to be derogatory.[1][2]

M.Fartukh "Moskali destroy Kiev", illustration from an 1934 history textbook (referring to the destruction of Kiev in 1169)

Moskal can be a type of ethnic slur with a mild negative connotation.

Another ethnic slur that refer to Russians, common in Ukraine and Poland, is katsap (uk:кацап) and kacap (kacap) respectivelly.

Cultural influence[edit]

"Moskal" is a stock character of the traditional Ukrainian puppet theatre form vertep.

It also gave rise to a number of East Slavic family names: Moskal (surname), Moskalenko, Moskalyov/Moskalev, Moskalik, Moskalyuk/Moskaluk, Moskalchuk.

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