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South Korean film poster
Revised Romanization Iggi
McCune–Reischauer Ikki
Directed by Kang Woo-suk
Produced by Jeong Seon-yeong
Written by Jung Ji-woo
Based on Moss 
by Yoon Tae-ho
Starring Park Hae-il
Jung Jae-young
Yoo Jun-sang
Yoo Sun
Music by Jo Yeong-wook
Cinematography Kim Seong-bok
Kim Yong-heung
Edited by Ko Im-pyo
Distributed by CJ Entertainment
Release dates
  • July 14, 2010 (2010-07-14)
Running time
163 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Box office US$21,925,534[1]

Moss (Hangul: 이끼; RR: Iggi) is a 2010 South Korean mystery thriller film directed by Kang Woo-suk. It was based on the hugely popular webcomic of the same title by Yoon Tae-ho.


When Ryoo arrives in a remote rural village to settle the estate of his estranged father, he stumbles into a dark web of secrets and betrayals that have lain buried for thirty years. The village is ruled over by its sinister chief, Cheon, a former police detective, and his cabal of reformed criminals - who seem to have both hated and feared Ryoo’s late father. It quickly becomes clear that Ryoo’s presence is not wanted – and that Cheon and the others are hiding something terrible. Soon the unwelcome visitor finds his life threatened as the truth becomes ever more obscured and allegiances shift beneath his feet...


  • Park Hae-il as Ryoo Hae-kook
  • Jung Jae-young as Cheon Yong-deok, the village head
  • Yoo Jun-sang as Park Min-wook, a public prosecutor
  • Yoo Sun as Lee Yeong-ji, a village resident
  • Yoo Hae-jin as Kim Deok-cheon, a village head
  • Kim Sang-ho as Jeon Seok-man, a village resident
  • Kim Joon-bae as Ha Seong-kyoo, a village resident
  • Heo Joon-ho as Ryoo Mok-hyeon, Hae-kook's father
  • Kang Shin-il as a district prosecutor
  • Im Seung-dae as Mr. Cheon, a village police officer
  • Jeong Gyoo-soo as a principal
  • Lee Cheol-min


The film was shot in Muju County, North Jeolla Province.[2][3]

International release[edit]

The film was picked up for distribution in the UK by Inclusionism Films. The DVD release featured extensive interviews with both the film's director and comic artist Yoon Tae-ho.


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