Moss Beach Distillery

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Moss Beach Distillery.
Moss Beach Distillery in 2009

Moss Beach Distillery is a restaurant in Moss Beach, California, located on a cliff which overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

It is officially designated as a California Point of Historical Interest.[1] Originally established in 1927 as a speakeasy, it converted into a successful restaurant after the repeal of Prohibition in 1933.

Paranormal activity[edit]

The distillery acquired significance due to reported sightings of the "Blue Lady", the ghost of a woman who, according to legend, either died (or was murdered) near the restaurant; this haunting has been reported on various television programs, including NBC's long-running Unsolved Mysteries program, hosted by actor Robert Stack.[2][3]

During the June 4, 2008 episode of the Sci Fi Channel television show Ghost Hunters, it was revealed that some of the claims of paranormal activity on the property are actually staged events. Hanging lights swaying over the bar, as well as women's laughter and a face in the mirror of the ladies bathroom, were all found to be hoaxes installed by the owners.[4] This is disputed by noted parapsychology professor Loyd Auerbach; while the owners admitted that special effects were used, they also cite the fact that paranormal activity has been reported since the 1930s.[5]


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