Moss Station

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TRS 070820 004.jpg
Moss Station with a NSB Class 72 unit
Station statistics
Address Moss
Coordinates 59°25′55″N 10°39′26″E / 59.43194°N 10.65722°E / 59.43194; 10.65722Coordinates: 59°25′55″N 10°39′26″E / 59.43194°N 10.65722°E / 59.43194; 10.65722
Elevation 3.8 m (12 ft) amsl
Line(s) Østfold Line
Connections bus service
Distance 60.16 km (37.38 mi)
Other information
Opened 1879
Operator Norwegian State Railways

Moss Station (Norwegian: Moss stasjon) is a railway station located in downtown Moss in Østfold, Norway. The station is located on the Østfold Line and serves as terminal station for Line 550 of the Oslo Commuter Rail service to Oslo Central Station and onwards to Spikkestad as well as a stop of the InterCity Express services to Halden. All services are operated by the Norwegian State Railways.[1] Moss Station opened as part of the railway in 1879.

In 1923, an agreement was made by which the restaurant was to be taken over by Norsk Spisevognselskap in 1924. However, private operation continued until 1 October 1941, when operations were taken over by Spisevognselskapet.[2]



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